Hollywood Movie Treatment


On the eve of the new Millennium Peace Summit, considered by leaders throughout the world as the most important peace conference since Potsdam, history meets a dramatic fork in the road.

While the leaders bask in the limelight and euphoria of the moment, Thomas Caine, a maniacal genius and the last known survivor of the Illuminati, cleverly breaches the world’s most sophisticated security system and gains complete control of the White House, holding the President of the United States, Robert Lawson, hostage.

The gathered throng at the Washington D.C. gala faces the threat of a $100 billion ransom or complete annihilation. Caine talks of ransom, but has a hidden agenda, genetic coding research that could change the face of the world. The power of leadership falls to the Vice President, Victoria Harkins, the first woman elected to that office. Her options are two: either submit to the extortion demands of a madman or turn to the one man who has one plan with one result.

Enter Roman Keyes, a world-renowned innovator in security technology, who had left the United States Secret Service three years before, after a terrorist act left him nearly broken. A quirk of fate has brought Keyes back to Washington and he becomes the President’s only chance for survival, since he was the one who designed the very security system at hand, originally designed to protect the Commander-in-Chief. The cunning, resourceful and resilient Keyes weaves a new web to counteract the impenetrability of the security system, save the President and remove the threat of a catastrophe the world does not want to face.

An in-your-face adventure with enough twists and turns to make most people squirm and others want to join the fray. From the missiles, fireballs and state-of-the-art technology, the climatic closing sequence will take viewers on the thrill ride of their lives, convinced their own safety hinges on Keyes’ ability to pull off the impossible.

Story and screenplay by C. Edward Munson

All Rights Reserved